A Night of Champions

Posted by Eastern District Soccer League on Oct 30 2015 at 12:41PM PDT in EDSL 2014-2015
image * EASTERN DISTRICT SOCCER LEAGUE* “Championship Dinner”

The Eastern District Soccer League held its Annual Championship Dinner on Saturday, October 24th at the Yonkers Ukrainian Club in Yonkers NY. Once again the dinner drew a packed house with each of the EDSL Divisions sending their champions to receive their awards and the recognition they so justly deserve. The Eastern New York State Soccer Association, East Hudson Referee Association and Eastern New York State Executive Board were also in attendance to commend the Eastern District Soccer League and its champions for another outstanding season.

The Annual dinner dance is not just presented to honor its champions but also to promote comradery between the EDSL Divisions. It is a time to put the heated battle of the game aside and enjoy the company of its outstanding competitors and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

This years dinner also recognized two outstanding individuals who have taken their love of soccer to the next level and worked feverishly to promote fair play and sportsmanship. The first award, presented by ENY SRA Enrico Romano and EDSL President Peter Pinori, went to James Bowne “Soccer Official Extraordinaire” for his “passion for the game and work ethic to provide a fair and just environment has left a tremendous positive impact on players and coaches alike.”

The second award was given to Mario Corrado the manager of the O30 Somers Soccer club and presented by John Palumbo and Peter Pinori. The award was given “in recognition of your 20 years of service and dedication to the Eastern District Soccer League “Over 30” league.”

Of course the main reason for our dinner is to recognize our Champions. Awards and recognition was given to:

O40 A division the Germania club of La Grange was the winner
O40 B division Hudson Legends won and was promoted to the A division for this year
Winners cups where presented by the O40 Chairwoman Lori Brangelmann
O30 Division winner was Czechoslovakia and O30 Chairman John Palumbo presented their trophy which was followed by Peter Pinori who presented the Czechoslovakia team with the ENY State O30 Marth Cup. This is the 2nd ENY State cup won by Czechoslovakia who last year won the ENY Open Flamhaft cup when they where playing in the Open Division.
Mount Kisco division winners where presented Chairman Galo Trujillo who gave Kisco International and Mundo Latino their cups for winning the regular season and the playoff. Galo also presented 3 individual trophies for best goalie, highest scorer and most disciplined player.
Port Chester Chairman Cesar Aliaga than presented the winners of his division playoff finalist Mictlan and over all Champion Westchester CF who also won $1500 prize winnings. Peter Pinori than proceeded to present Westchester CF president Mr. Javier Chaparro the Steve Howansky Open Division cup, individual EDSL player medals and a check for $1,200 for Westchester CF on becoming a finalist on the EDSL Champions cup.
August Cambria chairman of the Liga De Yonkers division came next and presented Honduras their trophy for becoming a finalist and Sport Peru for being the Champion.
Peter Pinori than presented the Open Primo team from Pine Island Orange County NY the ENY Open Flamhaft Cup.
The last trophies of the evening was given to South Stars who did win $1,000 prize, and a trophy for winning the Open division Play Off, South Stars also won $2,500 prize monies, trophy and individual EDSL players medals for winning the premiere tournament the $5,000 EDSL CHAMPIONS CUP

The Champions Dinner was a huge success and teams are looking forward to another successful and exciting season and defending their crown.


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