EDSL OVER 30 Final

Posted by Eastern District Soccer League on Jul 01 2019 at 11:52AM PDT

*Germania versus Washingtonville, Played on June 23 at East Fishkill sports complex.

Both teams came ready to play. Germania were wearing their sky blue kits, as Washingtonville wore their Yellow alternate tops. The match was cleanly played with neither team making many errors to keep the opponents scoring opportunities at a minimum. The majority of the match was played in the middle third of the pitch with both teams just trying to keep possession.
Germania was first to score at about 15 minutes in. A workman type goal that the Washingtonville keeper was unable to keep out of the back of the net. Washingtonville scored the equalizer 10 minutes later on a rebound that was smashed to left of the Germania keeper from 12 yards out. Washingtonville then took the lead a few moments later off a tough break for Germania when the keeper made an aggressive play to block the ball after a heavy touch from a Washingtonville striker only to have the ball ricochet off him and into the goal. Washingtonville 2-1 at half.

The heat and injuries played a factor. Both teams losing a player, with Germania losing a striker who was pressuring everyone and creating havoc, and Washingtonville, losing a marking back who was a big part of their build up from the back. Germania ties the match after 10 minutes, the winger who scored their first goal wisely headed the ball down into the ground off a long cross bounced over the keeper into the top of the net.

Germania then takes a 3-2 lead a few minutes later on a counter where the striker calmly chips the Washingtonville goalie as he tried to come out and make a play.

Washingtonville having a golden opportunity to tie the match with 15 minutes left was thwarted by the Germania keeper coming out cutting the angle and getting his glove on the ball to stop it from going in near post. As Washingtonville was pushing to try to tie the match Germania had some opportunities to score on counters that were coolly handled by Washingtonville’s center back as they were out numbered.
In the 90th minute after a quick throw down the left side near the end line a Washingtonville player was able to flick the ball across the field over the Germania keeper as a Washingtonville striker slid in volleying the ball from 6 yards out hitting the right post crossing the goal line, tying the game at 3-3
Seconds later the referee blows the whistle. Straight to Penalties. In the best of 5 Washingtonville wins 3-1 as the Washingtonville keeper made 3 fantastic saves in a row.

Courtesy of Konstantinos


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