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In the final 2 make-up games of the League de Yonkers Season Honduras defeated Real Cotija 2-1 and San Lorenzo beat Puma 2-1. So the final standings are
1. Westchester F.C.
2. Real Sociedad
3. Real Cotija
4. San Lorenzo
5. Honduras
6. El Carmen
7. Sport Peru
8. Juventud
9. Morazan
10. Puma
11. Monarcas
12. Atlas

The playoffs start next week with the top 4 teams receiving byes. The match-Ups for August 24th are as follows:
9:30 am Honduras vs Atlas
11:00am Sport Peru vs Puma
12:30PM El Carmen vs Monarcas
2:00PM Morazán vs Juventud

Coming Down to the Wire

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The Liga de Yonkers completed it’s regular season play on August 10th but their are 2 make-up games to play. Those 2 make-up games affect the entire standings board so Buckle Up for some showdowns.

On Sunday Westchester FC playing short handed lost to Sport Peru 6-3 and left the door open for Real Cotijia to win their make up game next week and finish in first place .El Carmen forfeited to Monarcas. The fifteen minute forfeit time wasn’t enough time for them to field a team and could now cost them one of the Playoff Byes. Honduras also lost to Puma 3-0 and also could be out of the running for a Playoff Bye. Pumas win and a possible win next week against San Lorenzo could catapult them up the standings ladder. San Lorenzo is looking forward to the match up and took care of business this week defeating Atlas 2-0. Real Sociedad looks to finish in third place by defeating Morazán 3-2. Cotijia easily defeated Juventud 5-1 and will take on Honduras next week with hopes of finishing 1st overall.

Next week in the last 2 make-up games San Lorenzo takes on Puma at 10:00 and Cotijia takes on Honduras at 11:30 for all the marbles. It shows great parody in the league when it comes down to the last game to complete the standings.

All the teams have played hard and are now looking forward to the playoffs.


After this Sundays results, July 27th, the positions in the standings are still too close to call!. Everyone brought there “A” game. In the first game Real Cotija and Westchester played to a 1-1 tie. The game was close and tight the whole way just what we expected from these 2 teams. Honduras then defeated Morazan 2-1 moving up to third place while Morazán fell to 7th. Sport Peru defeated an always tough Puma team 2-1 while Juventud and top rated Real Sociedad tied 0-0. Monarcas got there second win of the season hanging on to beat Atlas 2-1.

Just 2 weeks remain in the regular season and then there are 3 make-up games which need to be played. It will come down to those make-up games to determine final standings and the top 4 spots which receive first round byes.

Next week, prior to the men’s league games, the Liga de Yonkers Women’s Division will play their championship game with Azteca Peru taking on Alianza Peru. Azteca got to the finals by defeating Unimex 3-0 and Peru won on penalty kicks 3-2 over Yonkers WFC.

Liga de Yonkers Recap

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As of Sunday July 20th Westchester FC still holds the top spot by defeating Puma 1-0. Second and third place remain the same as Real Cotija and San Lorenzo played to a 2-2 tie. Real Sociedad defeated Atlas 1-0 and Honduras got the 3 points from the forfeiting Metapan team. Morazán beat Juventud 1-0 and Sport Peru did in Monarcas 1-0. The next few Sundays will really be interesting. Westchester probably needs to run the table to claim the first spot at the end of the season while only 3 points separate 2nd through 6th place. The league has never been this close and this competitive. This Sunday Real Cotija and Westchester FC play at 12:00noon and Honduras and Morazán have the 1:30PM game at Pelton. San Lorenzo drew a bye and El Carmen will pick up 3 points from the Forfeiting Metapan team. The top 4 places receive a bye into the second round of the tournament and everyone wants that extra week off to rest. It’s going to be a great finish!!!!


Westchester FC who made up a double header and took 3 points on a forfeit has now bumped to the top of the Leaders Board with 19 points. Real Cotija who had a bye this past week drops to second place. Westchester FC and Real Cotija are scheduled to meet in two weeks which possibly could determine this years winner. Of course there are a few other teams who also have their sights on the top spot. Morazán got back on the winning track by easily defeating Atlas 8-1. El Carmen proved they have to be taken seriously by edging out Honduras 2-1. Real Sociedad and Sport Peru played to a tough 0-0 draw so only got 1 point added to their totals.

Point totals are really close and everyone is fighting for those top 4 positions which will receive automatic byes into the second round of the playoffs. A simple win and 3 points could mean the difference in positioning for 6 teams.