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The Mount Kisco playoffs were completed with the final game between Kisco International and Deportivo Atlas. The Championship game was played on Sunday, October 26th and was the most exciting game of the 2014 season. Two equal teams were matched in the CHAMPIONSHIP game as it should be. The game was played with fair, fierce, physical and very exciting action with very minimal dissent. The match was back and forth, with Kisco International scoring the game tying goal in the 35th minute of second half and winning the Championship game on kicks from the penalty mark. It was an incredible game by both teams and congratulations must be given to both sides. Really well done!!!!

A Night of Champions

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This past Friday The Eastern District Soccer League held its Annual Champions Dinner Dance at the Ukranians Center in Yonkers. It was a night to honor all of our Champions from last season. It was also an opportunity for all of our divisoins to come together to celebrate our love for soccer. The event takes many months of planning and our dedicated Board of Directors under the leadership of our President Peter Pinori did a wonderful job in putting this night together. We should also thank all of our divisions and their teams for doing an excellent job in representing in numbers. With approximately 200 guests in attendance the hall was filled and the dancefloor was packed! In attendance were a number of special guests including State Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer. Representative Mayer has been a dedicated supporter of soccer for many years and friend to the EDSL as it has grown through the years. With her support the EDSL has been allowed to thrive in Westchester County and we can not thank her enough for all of the support that she has given to our league. There were many champions honored on Friday night, however, one team earned the title of Team of the Year. Real Sociedad of Liga de Yonkers took home three trophies on the night! it was a year to remember for Real Sociedad and one that will be tough to repeat. Real Sociedad were able to win the Liga de Yonkers Championship, An EDSL Division Championship and The EDSL Tournament of Champions all in one year! They were also a finalist in the Sal Rapaglia State Premier Cup. Congratulations to Real Sociedad and to all of our champions from last year. Pictures from the Champions Dinner Dance can be located on our Facebook page (Eastern District Soccer League). Please be sure to “like” us when you visit. Good luck to everyone this year and hopefully we will see you next year at our Champions Dinner Dance!

The Liga de Yonkers Playoffs started this past Sunday (August 23rd) at Pelton Field in Yonkers. In the first game No 5 seeded Honduras defeated Atlas 5-0. In the second game Sport Peru and Puma played a tight and exciting game and was tied 2-2 after regulation. In penalty kicks Sport Peru held on to win 11-10. The third game saw El Carmen edge out Monarcas 2-1 and in the final game Morazán easily defeated Juventud 5-0.

Liga de Yonkers takes a break from the playoffs as this Sunday is Labor Day and continues September 7th. The top 4 teams which drew byes this past Sunday now match up with the four winners as follows:
No 4 seed San Lorenzo plays No 5 Seed Honduras at 9:30am
No 3 Seed Real Cotija plays No 6 Seed El Carmen at 11:00am
No 2 Seed Real Sociedad plays No 7 Seed Sport Peru 12:30PM
No 1 Seed Westchester FC plays No 9 Seed Morazán at 2:00PM


In the final 2 make-up games of the League de Yonkers Season Honduras defeated Real Cotija 2-1 and San Lorenzo beat Puma 2-1. So the final standings are
1. Westchester F.C.
2. Real Sociedad
3. Real Cotija
4. San Lorenzo
5. Honduras
6. El Carmen
7. Sport Peru
8. Juventud
9. Morazan
10. Puma
11. Monarcas
12. Atlas

The playoffs start next week with the top 4 teams receiving byes. The match-Ups for August 24th are as follows:
9:30 am Honduras vs Atlas
11:00am Sport Peru vs Puma
12:30PM El Carmen vs Monarcas
2:00PM Morazán vs Juventud

Coming Down to the Wire

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The Liga de Yonkers completed it’s regular season play on August 10th but their are 2 make-up games to play. Those 2 make-up games affect the entire standings board so Buckle Up for some showdowns.

On Sunday Westchester FC playing short handed lost to Sport Peru 6-3 and left the door open for Real Cotijia to win their make up game next week and finish in first place .El Carmen forfeited to Monarcas. The fifteen minute forfeit time wasn’t enough time for them to field a team and could now cost them one of the Playoff Byes. Honduras also lost to Puma 3-0 and also could be out of the running for a Playoff Bye. Pumas win and a possible win next week against San Lorenzo could catapult them up the standings ladder. San Lorenzo is looking forward to the match up and took care of business this week defeating Atlas 2-0. Real Sociedad looks to finish in third place by defeating Morazán 3-2. Cotijia easily defeated Juventud 5-1 and will take on Honduras next week with hopes of finishing 1st overall.

Next week in the last 2 make-up games San Lorenzo takes on Puma at 10:00 and Cotijia takes on Honduras at 11:30 for all the marbles. It shows great parody in the league when it comes down to the last game to complete the standings.

All the teams have played hard and are now looking forward to the playoffs.