Liga de Yonkers Teams Advance

Posted by Eastern District Soccer League on Jun 18 2014 at 10:23AM PDT in EDSL 2013-2014

Liga de Yonkers Games were moved to Tibbetts this week to make room for the EDSL Champions Cup to be played at Pelton, but the chance in venue didn’t slow down a tough Real Cotija team who defeated Puma 6-0 and remains at the top of the leaders board with 13 points. San Lorenzo moved into the second position defeating Monarcas 7-1. They are actually tied in points with Real Sociedad with 10 points but gets the edge in the tie breaker. The rest of the standings are very close where a 3 point win could change the standings affecting 6 teams. Juventud tied El Carmen 1-1 in a tough played game while Atlas easily defeated Metapan 4-1. Metapan is low man on the standings chart but has played much better soccer and could upset the standings next week.

Three of the four teams that Liga de Yonkers sent to the Champions Cup advanced to next weeks quarter finals and semi-finals. Honduras defeated a tough Mt. Kisco Azteca team 2-0. Real Sociedad won by forfeit aganst Germania and Morazán defeated a real strong Czechoslovakia team. Sport Peru was the lone loser from Liga de Yonkers but didn’t go down easily. After coming back from 2 goals down they tied the score and forced the game into “penalty kicks”. They thought they had the game won in OT Penality Kicks but couldn’t score the last shot and ended up losing.

The EDSL Champion Cup has been excellent soccer and really making a name for the tournament. A number of the EDSL Board members were on hand to check out the action and help Peter Pinori monitor play. Any complaints are handled immediately at the field by the board, but none were had the opening week. All the teams are exceptional soccer players and proving why they are Champions in their respective divisions. The games have been fast and exciting and the officials are doing a great job keeping things in order. Next week will be another test for the teams who if they win in the morning have to play a second game in the afternoon. This year Liga de Yonkers hopes to bring the cup to Yonkers but the competition is high caliber.


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